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My Story

During Labor Day weekend 2016, I drove past a young man walking down the street. He appeared to be waiting for someone but I felt compelled to ask him if he needed a ride. So, I made a u-turn and I offered. He hesitated at first but accepted.


After a brief conversation, I learned the man, whose name is Chris, was homeless, jobless and penniless. I treated him to a late lunch and as we ate he told me that he left his family and his home in Maryland to pursue a business opportunity in Fort Lauderdale. Unfortunately, there was no opportunity. He was taken advantage of by a friend. As a result, he was left stranded, lost and confused. No clue what to do next. To lift his spirits, I provided him with many words of encouragement. Also, I booked him into a hotel, gave him some cash for food and bought him a ticket home. He was speechless and cried as he thanked me. We said our goodbyes and I headed home. Later that evening, he called me and said, "Kevin, you saved my life today." I was speechless. 


After spending three hours with him, what touched me the most was that Chris said that he just wanted someone to talk to and was most grateful for my company and our conversation. Two things that are so simple and easy for anyone to give.


My eyes were opened by this experience and I was inspired to start The KV Project®. With it, I will encourage others to help those around them. Because, as I witnessed, you never know how a few minutes of your time can better someone's entire day, or entire life.


Kevin Vaughan

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